Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So annoying!!!

This has got to be the most annoying thing that has happened to me in ages. I was on my way to London this morning to do some shopping for the opera I am currently working on, when this guy gets on at Harlow talking on his mobile. Now ok, that's not that bad. What was so utterly infuriating was that he was using the speaker phone to talk to the other guy, and had his ipod on really loudly at the same time! So not only did I get him talking really loudly, I got the rest of the conversation on the speaker phone and a thumping bass line from the ipod....What was this guy thinking???? That the whole carriage want to know all about his social life, and his girlfriend-way too much info thanks! If he had not been so big and scary looking I might have asked him to turn at least one of them off, but I did not have the nerve... I know that's silly and I'm stereotyping him by the fact that he was big, and had a hoodie and shades, but better safe than hospitalized.