Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New year, new look, same old health.

As you may have noticed my blog has changed a lot recently. This is due to the redesign of my website by Mr EB and making my blog match the new design. I am so pleased with the new site, it's much sleeker and more elegant. Evan better it now has my hats on it, although I am still in the process of photographing some of them and doing their write up. If you would like to have a look at the new website it is here. There are still a few sections to add blurb too and I want to take some more photos of some of the hats, but it is such an improvement.

Sadly, the new year also started with a brief but very annoying stay at Papworth. I've had a nasty cold that descended and stuck on my lungs for a few weeks, but I had managed to get through Christmas and the new year with oral ciprofloxicillin to damp down my ongoing infections. Sadly, when I finished this course it was pretty obvious that I had not recovered particularly as I was so productive it felt like my lungs were full of glue. So I finally admitted that I needed the big strong iv drugs. Typically for me I managed to time this perfectly with the bank holiday so there were no regular clinics and they had to admit me to start me off on the ivs. Even more annoyingly the cf unit was full so I was on a general chest ward. I did have my own room thank god, but being outside the cf unit is so annoying. Te staff really don't seem to realise that vie been dealing with ivs for probably longer than they have and i don't need to be taught how to administer them, or assessed yet again! I actually realise whilst chatting to one of the non cf chest docs that I've been doing ivs on and off since I was 16, so rather depressingly that is practically half my life and certainly longer than the very nice but very young nurse who was looking after me. I could probably administer the ceftaz and colomycin in my sleep I've had them so many times. Also when they finally discharge you they give you loads of bits of paper saying what they've done to you over the admission for you and for your GP, I never get those at the unit they just send them automatically to the GP and they assume I can remember what happened!

It is also so annoying that as soon as you are admitted into hospital the nurses immediately take all your regular medication off you and shove it in a locked cupboard that you can't open. Clearly as soon as you are admitted you become far too dumb to carry on taking the meds that you've been on for years and have to be given them by a trained professional... they do this in the cf unit as well, but at least they have the decency to apologise for being forced to treat you like an idiot! Next time I get admitted please let me be on the CF unit!!!