Monday, March 05, 2012

Peacock Green Dress

Oh dear, I really have not managed to keep up my blog well at all recently. What with December being a total disaster health wise, 2012 did not start much better as by the end of Jan I was back on the IVs, AGAIN!! I just can't seem to manage to go more than a month without them these days, which makes having any sort of normal life bloody difficult. I can't give definite answers to invites because chances are I won't be able to make it cos of my health. Work is totally stressing me out as I would hate to let any of my clients down, and I can't let the bridal clients down! I'm doing some alterations to friends wedding dresses and the thought of letting them down has left me with more than one sleepless night... so I am having to make very difficult decisions about what I am going to take on in future. I hate that yet again my bloody CF is dictating what my life has to be.

Anyway, rant over, one very good thing that I did manage to go to over the Christmas period was a wedding of Simon's friend and colleague Tom and his now wife Eden. They got married on New Years Eve in a gorgeous country house in Somerset. As the dress code was Hollywood Glamour it was an obvious opportunity to make myself a dress for a change, and of course a head piece to with it (see previous post). I decided to go for a colour I don't often wear, and don't have a dress in- dark green. I've had samples of silk from James Hare Silk for ages and I often order bridal fabric from them, but I've not had a chance to use their new heavier weight satin back crepe that comes in loads of utterly gorgeous shades. So I chose this beautiful peacock green satin and a fairly simple design as the fabric is so lush that it would be a shame to distract from it. Sadly, these photos really don't do the colour justice but you get a slight idea of how fabulously intense the colour is.

As I was stuck on IV's for sooooo long before Christmas, it was an excellent opportunity to do some beading on my dress. So whilst sitting with the drip going I would gradually add on more and more strings of iridescent blue and green beads around the neckline. Again the photo doesn't really show the colour very accurately.  It is surprising just how quickly I finished it, although with three sets of two hour drugs to drip in for two weeks, maybe I should not be so surprised....
Close up of the beaded loop at the centre front neck.