Saturday, August 13, 2011

Please vote for me!

The competition that I have entered my crazy green fibonacci hat in has now opened the voting for one of the prizes. If you have a mo please goto the website below and take a look and vote for me!

Thank you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fibonacci Fascination!

I'm entering a millinery competition being run by Vogue and Stephen Jones and this has been the perfect excuse to go a bit bonkers with my ongoing fascination with using Fibonacci numbers and the golden section in hat making. The result is a rather outrageous green and cream hat made from 16 intersecting fibonacci spirals (8 clockwise and 8 anti-clockwise).  I created a single spiral on paper from the first seven terms of the Fibonacci series - 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13. There is a lot of info on Fibonacci here, I find it very interesting but to be honest some of the complex maths goes totally over my head, but the intro and illustrations of creating a spiral are very clear if you fancy a bit more Fibonacci knowledge!

Having decided how big I wanted the hat to be, I copied the spiral even times from the first to create the clockwise pattern, I then made a reflection of this to create the anti clockwise pattern.  This created a very pretty flower like lattice that I made from tulle covered wire in two shades of leaf green. I then attached this to a circular, cream silk covered buckram crown that perches on the side of the head. I had quite a job weaving the wires in and out or each other and got poked quite a bit in the process... However, I got there in the end and I am really pleased with the end result. When voting for the competition opens I will start pluggnig my entry like mad!
The hat laid out on the paper design secured with clothes pegs!
The finished hat on my dolly head.


I hereby assert my right to be identified as the designer and creator of Fibonacci hats, fascinators and other headwear. Also, I am the originator of the use of Fibonacci and the golden section when creating hats. These hats are works of artistic craftmanship and are therefore protected by copyright. I will persecute anyone copying my designs or using my ideas to the fullness of the law (and I mean persecute!)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

A gorgeous dress for a gorgeous friend :-)

One of my favorite things about making wedding dresses is that occasionally I get to make one for a close friend. This time, I got to make a dress for one of my absolute best friends Anne Carter, now Jones! As Anne and her new husband Phil met whilst ballroom dancing, it was clear that dancing would always be an important part of the wedding. As Anne could not possibly jive (her favorite dance) or quickstep in her full length plus train bridal dress, she wanted a second shorter dance dress for the first dance and the evening reception. She very kindly asked me to make it. I was so happy she asked me and was just so pleased to see how beautiful and elegant she looked dancing in it with her new husband.  Actually, the whole wedding was totally wonderful, it was so great to see two such lovely people getting married and so happy together. I loved my dress and hairdo (as bridesmaid), the breakfast was just delicious, the photos on the beach were so much fun and playing croquet with friends I'd not seen in ages was fantastic, if not strictly adhering to the rules! I could carry on with this list for several pages, but I think it's pretty clear I had an amazing day! 

These photos are sadly not of Anne in the dress, but I'm hoping to put some of her official photos up once she has got back from her honeymoon and actually got them! It is a lovely knee length, prom style dress, with a fitted bodice covered in ruched chiffon and a flared two layer skirt of chiffon over satin. There was also a burgundy satin flower at the waist with the lace, but I had not finished that in time for these pictures....
The contrast burgandy lacing matched the colour scheme of the wedding-and looks really cool!

This is such a pretty lace motif, that I found on the web after trawling loads of shops!