Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've written and rewritten this post several times over the last couple of months but I'm not really sure what to write in this blog anymore.  I always wanted it to be about things I've made or done, shows I've done,  places I've visited and fun, cheerful (preferably shiny!) things, with maybe a bit of awareness raising about CF and encouraging people to sign up to the donor register and donate to the CF trust.  I don't want this blog to simply become a long guilt trip by me to make people give money and I definitely don't want people feeling sorry for me! It was never meant to be a litany of my treatments and health problems, as quite frankly I am fed up of having to put up with them myself, without boring everyone else and repeating it all online.

So, I don't know where this blog is going to go... I was feeling rather down about it all, I hate having to be sensible all the time and not do things cos of my health; it's very annoying, not to mention frustrating, irritating etc.  So I'm going to make a list of things I can still do and that may even be doable whilst on ivs, as they take up such a lot of my time these days. I definitely want to try and resurrect my hat a week project, which got totally scuppered by my health, however, it may have to become hat a month!  But I don't want all the lovely and rather expensive things I've got for hatmaking like my blocks and lots of feathers and materials, to just sit about gathering dust.  They were bought for a reason and they are darn well going to be used!  There must be more things that I can still do so my brain does not moulder and I loose all the skills I worked very hard for.  So on my list, I'll start with more crochet as I can already do the basics but might try some more complicated things. Then there is tatting which is a type of knotting my mum used to do, which I've always fancied having a go at.  More machine embroidery is also on the list as my machine is just sitting about too.... Although this is a bit on pause due to software problems- don't ask, it's very annoying!

Some culinary adventures may also feature in my new list of things to do.  I may finally write my definitive list of the best places to eat tiramisu that I've found! Any excuse to eat more tiramisu... Perhaps I shall embark on a challenge to make all the recipes from one of my many recipe books with my marvellous new Kitchenaid mixer- courtesy of Mr EB and my parents for my birthday.

It is quite ridiculous how much I love this machine! Not only is it a beautiful colour (Ice Blue), but it makes baking so much easier, as I was starting to find holding and using a hand whisk annoyingly tiring.  So now I can sit and let this do all the hard work.  It also has loads of extra tools and gadgets that you can add on, like an ice cream maker and a sausage stuffer so I feel this may feed my gadget hoarding gene too.   Watch this space for, hopefully, a bit more regular blogging...