Friday, July 14, 2006

Seagull Party!

Well last weekend was Fran's Hen Day, but we decided to rename it her Seagull Party as this is a far more appropriate bird for a Cornish lass! The day started with a leisurely boat trip down the Cam, with lots of Champagne, picnic food and chocolate brownies. This was surprisingly educational, as the nice captain showed us, baby moor hens and kingfisher holes, although unfortunately no kingfishers!

We then decamped to Darwin island where we played many party games. My personal favorite (apart from giant Jenga) was the 'cereal box game' . I had not played this before but its hilarious. Its very simple all you need is said cereal box, or cardboard box of similar shape. All you have to do is pick the box up in your teeth, but whilst doing this only your feet are allowed to touch the floor. Once everyone has managed the fist height, the box is cut down a bit and everyone tries again. If you fall over you are out and you keep going until evetually you get down to just a slip of cardboard! Many different techniques were developed for folding the body up to get heads down to cereal box height, these ranged from 'the lunge' (rather like an exaggerated fencing lunge, with both hands supporting the persons weight on the front foot), 'the yoga' (bending all joints and spine whilst feet stayed together), 'the splits' (fairly obvious- both feet as far out as possible to get as low as possible) and my personal favorite 'the cross' (you cross your feet over, then sort of sit down onto them and stick your head between your knees!) .

The evening concluded with a huge BBQ, cooked by the lovely Clackson girls. Some very brave ladies then went to join the tale end of James' stag do at the ADC, I however wimped out and went to crash out!

All my photos of the day can be found on my yahoo photo site which is here-
in the seagull party album. They are all in black and white as I managed to get the camera into black and white mode and can't seem to get it out again.....

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