Thursday, September 21, 2006

Has the World gone completely mad???

Its official the world has gone totally insane. I found this advert in the back of the Telegraph Magazine (go here to see it) and I am gob smacked. Foot Detox Pads??? Oh my God! Are there really people out there that stupid that will buy this rubbish?! My favorite bit of the ad is the fact that these things are 'based on the ancient reflexology priciples that indicate a 'natural trap door' on the sole of the foor'- what does this mean??? Do we all have small doors on the soles of our feet? What a fantastic image. Even better you get rid of all those nasty things like caffeine, nicotine and pollution through them which turns the pad black- isn't that nice! Apparently they work through 'osmotic pressure' just like a tree (oh I can't help it I have to laugh). Its not even an April fools joke that's really really late.... and there are people on there saying how wonderful these things are and how well they work. Whatever next.....

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