Saturday, December 02, 2006

Please sign a petition!

Well once again the government wants to tax us even more and restrict our civil liberties at the same time. This time they want to tax Road mileage and 'Drivers could pay up to £1.34 a mile in "pay-as-you go" road charges under new government plans'(BBC News). Not only that but every car would have a satelite tracker that would record all your journeys, Big Brother is now watching your car!

Whilst I have no objection to Congestion Charging or even tolls on motorways this new idea will once again have no effect on the richer end of the population or major city dwellers, who can afford this charge or can just take public transport, but will be a total disaster for people in small towns and rural areas and those of a lower income. Where I live public transport is simply not an option if you want to go anywhere but London (and even then there is only one train an hour and it costs nearly £20). If you need to go and food shop the bus is not an option, as they are so infrequent and unreliable, and totally unsuitable for disabled people. If you do not have a car in rural areas you would be completely cut off, and taxing every mile you travel will make it impossible to own a car considering just how expensive petrol already is. By all menas encourage people to use cars less, especially where public transport is an option, but not in a way that penalises rural areas and has little affect in cities (again).

To try and stop this happening please sign the petition here-

We should try and reduce congestion and carbon emissions, but in a sensible and fair way. How about increasing tax on gas guzzlers? Motor way tolls work in Europe why can't we manage it? How about reducing food miles? And what about Air travel? It makes no sense that I can travel to Europe for less than £10 and can't get to London for that!!!!

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