Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Its official.....

.....I am diabetic-bugger. I have it on the authority of Dr Adler the specialist Diabetic Consultant who also covers the CF Clinic. I am not type 1 or type 2 but instead I am a PWCFRD or person-with-Cystic-Fibrosis-related-diabetes. At last I have achieved my ambition of becoming an acronym! This does all suck rather spectacularly, but I am not on insulin yet, which is good. Also good is that fact that I now get all my drugs free- don't ask me why diabetics get free medication and PWCF don't, I have no idea and will probably start off on another rant! So I shall be monitoring my sugar levels and trying to adjust my diet from quick release high sugar foods, to slow release high sugar foods. Its all rather complicated as I need lots of calories to keep my weight up for the CF, so I can't switch to low fat foods which is one option for people with non cf related diabetes. But I now also need to stop having sugar levels that seesaw between very low and very high, which may result in nasty things like feeling really horrible and then hypo or hyper glycemeia. I am not yet sure what this means exactly for what I eat, but no one is making me give up chocolate!

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