Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Wet Weekend in Wales!

This year is going to be a pretty busy one celebration wise.  Not only has my Dad had his 70th birthday but my parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary in August, it'll be Sophie's first birthday and also my 30th (but we don't talk about that!) To celebrate Dad's birthday we toddled off to Wales to celebrate with the welsh half of the family. We went on Good Friday and the traffic was abysmal, and as it was the easter bank holiday the weather was also pretty foul.  Porthcawl, where Dad's brother and sister live was incredibly windy and grey, although Dad claims it was actually not that windy by Porthcawl standards, I beg to differ...  I managed to get a few pictures of the coast and the rather nice waves smashing on the rocks before I totally froze-
The other reason for going to Wales was to meet another new Evans baby, my cousin Rhodri and his wife Annette's new son, Harri.  He is only a couple of months old and is tiny and gorgeous. Almost all the Welsh family got together for a birthday lunch in Cardiff as this is where Rhod and Nettie live so little Harri would not have to go too far, although having said that they are all off to Australia for Nettie's sister's wedding so he'll be a very well travelled baby soon! This is him with his lovely Mum, (shame about my rubbish photo and odd white balance!)-
Here are the two proud Grandads with respective grandchildren, Sophie has got so much bigger since I last saw her, she is a proper little person now.  You can see the Evans family resemblance between my Dad and my Uncle John, what makes me laugh is that when he chats with him for a while my Dad even starts to sound welsh again!  And just to finish another picture of lovely Sophie with her Dad.


Gemma said...

awwww babies!!! :o)

Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

Gorgeous pics of babies!!

Strangely, the picture of the sea looks a bit like it did in Barcelona (and I was determined to sit on the beach, but had my plans scuppered!)