Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've finally been forced to decide whether or not I need a port (permanent iv access) and in the end the decision was rather obvious. I've not been having a good time with my lungs since about September. I've needed IV drugs about every six to eight weeks, and getting access to my veins has not been easy. Last line took three attempts to get it in...not my idea of fun! So having finally agreed with the docs that actually I do need one I've bitten the bullet and said yes. Hopefully this Friday will be port day, assuming they can find me a bed. The proceedure will be followed by a couple of weeks of antibiotics, and also a new anti gunk drug (whose name is unpronounceable) that is designed to open up my airways and get all the muck out- let's hope it works! This drug is only used as an inpatient treatment as you have to have it as an infusion which runs continuously 24 hours a day. So sadly I will have to be incarcerated in Papworth for a few days at least.... How boring! However, the advantages of getting a port will hopefully out weigh the boredom and the discomfort of the operation- no more being a human pin cushion, no more not being able to use one arm for the length of an iv course and being able to use more drugs that my little veins could not handle. Hopefully this will all result in an improvement to my lungs and a much less grumpy Ros during IV time!

Port op postponed until friday the eleventh...sigh.


Little Harriet said...

Ports = awesome :) Have had mine for nearly 11 years and its the best cf thing I've done. you'll find IV's so much easier.

A Jay said...

You won't regret your port - so much easier! Good luck with it.

I'm no longer on FB so will endeavour to try to follow blogs.

Audrey xx