Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've got a bit behind already with blogging the cakes I've been making-oops.  So here is a quick post of two that I made a while back.  The first is a Honey Cake from Nigella's chocolate cake hall of fame in her book Feast that I made for my birthday lunch.  It was a little later than my birthday cos as usual I was on ivs so had to put it back a week.  It's a really gooey, sticky, rich cake that you can only eat small slices of due to its density! Classic Nigella basically.  Sadly, I can't claim that I thought up the lovely marzipan bee decoration idea, but they have proved so popular that my Mum has had me bunging them on cupcakes and cakes for family birthdays ever since.
Making the bees.
The second cake I made to take a to a Halloween party, the theme of which was bad science.  Now I was assured by Mr EB that the obvious cake to make for this theme was The Portal Cake, from the game Portal.  I've not actually played this game but ever happy to make cake I agreed.  This is a picture of the cake from the game-
Apparently, the game's main premise is that humans will do anything to avoid death and to get cake-seems fair!  But as you are trying to escape from an evil computer, sometimes the cakes you find are a trap and is actually going to you, hence the quote 'the cake is a lie!'  This was exclaimed many times when I took the cake to the party, but didn't stop people eating it.  It looks like some sort of black forest gateau, but I'm not a huge fan of them so I made a cake called Brooklyn Blackout cake from the Hummingbird Bakery Book and covered it in chocolate custard and shredded chocolate.
A fairly convincing interpretation!
Three layers and LOTS of chocolate custard.
The photos here are all taken by Mr EB, hence they are all much more in focus and interesting than my attempts.  So just to finish off, here is a rather fun picture he took of my gorgeous Kitchenaid with me in the background.

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