Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well I'm stuck in Papworth for a bit... Sigh. I had a bronchoscopy past Thursday as a way of hopefully ruling out my having nasty microbacteriums that would prevent me being eligible for transplant. The bronch went fine, in that I can't remember any of it! But since then I've been left with very sore lungs and nasty high temperatures... It got so painful that nearly called n ambulance on Saturday night, which anyone who knows me will agree that I must have been in agony if I was prepared to go to Addenbrooks A and E on a Saturday night! Fortunately, I could call the unit at Papworth and talk to a doc so I avoided that joyous experience. Sadly the temps and pain remained so they have dragged me in to sort me out. Very dull but alas necessary.

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