Thursday, October 12, 2006

Live life, then give life.

Two posts in one day- this must be important. And actually it is, the two girls Emma and Emily, who set up the Live Life then give Life campaign are both regulars on the CF Trust message boards, and tonight they put this link up
Please, please, please, take a look and think about joining the Organ Donation register, I'm on it although they probably want some of my organs! Emily is on the transplant list already as are many other people with CF, one day I'll be on there too for a double lung transplant. Its a scary thought, but it is truly amazing what they can do these days, and by joining the register you could give someone the chance at life. For more info go to the campaign site


coolbritanja said...

Wow...that video moved me to tears. Perhaps I'm in a bit of an emotional state today. Either way, I was first absolutely shocked that only 22% of the population is on the organ donor register. But then I realised neither was I. It's not very well advertised at all here and unless you think to try to find out how to register, you just don't. In the US, there's a box you can tick when you get your driver's license and you get an "Organ Donor" sticker on your license.

Needless to say, I have now registered. I've also decided to help out with the advertising how I can. I put a post about it on my blog and also sent out a mass e-mail (which is very unlike me!) I even ordered one of the t-shirts! It's a very worthy cause and I do hope the number of people on the register rises.

Rosalind Evans said...

Hurray for you! It is a fantastic cause and every little helps!