Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Jive Aces at Duxford

The fabulous Jive Aces appeared at the new Airspace superhanger at Duxford Imperial War Museum last night and they were brilliant! They are the best swing band out there, and they always give a fab performance. Despite the ticketing fiasco and the awful weather there were lots of lindy hoppers there and we hopped the night away (although there was a pause in the middle to have a few local bands play who were surprisingly good). The hanger is a fantastic place and it was a shame there was not more lighting on the planes and a bigger dance floor. I managed a couple of dances and a few strolls so I was pretty pleased with myself. I took lots of pictures but its not easy getting pictures of people in motion so here are a few of the better ones and some of the Jive Aces!

Paul and Fae zooming past, with Dan, Kathrine and Lotte in the background.
Somewhat randomly they had an origami exhibiton going and we all made some swans. The professionals had made some amazing paper culptures, but my total favorite was Yoda! How cool is that!?

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