Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things that are just so annoying!!!

This is Ros on her soap box jumping up and down and complaining about the things that really are incredibly annoying.

- Companies that cold call you, usually just when you are having dinner. I do not want a new kitchen/windows/phone contract/chance to win a cruise etc. if I did I would go out and find one for myself. its especially annoying when the call centre is in a foreign country so the line is terrible and the person that speaking has such an accent that you can't understand a word. And they never take no for answer, just go on and on and on, I've started telling them I am under 18 and therefore not eligible!

-Drivers that use their fog lights when its not foggy. This is just plain dumb and very annoying for other drivers who get dazzled.

-People who aimlessly wander around busy places such as between tube lines or in the centre of Cambridge. I'm not talking about slow walking (although that's fairly annoying) but those people that just wander around with no idea where they are going usually walking into everyone else and causing people who know where they are going to have to jump out of the way to avoid being pushed.

-Cars with Baby on Board signs. Is there really a point to these signs other than to say this car contains a baby and why would we want to know that? Its not as though people will try even harder not to hit them cos of this sign... I was under the impression that driving safely was all about not hitting other people whether there is a baby/OAP/student/other type of person on board or not!

-People that park in disabled parking spaces when they are not disabled-obvious really.

-Over use of a particular word or phrase, e.g. random, although I am guilty of this but I am trying to cut down.....

Anyone else got any pet hates?

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