Sunday, March 27, 2011


At last I've been released from Papworth! The port went in successfully and after a week in hospital to do some amminophiline and extra fluids to try and clear my chest out as much as possible, they agreed I could finish the second week at home. I am totally knackered as I am on fosfomycin and tazocin, and unfortunately fosfomycin is four times a day or every six hours, and tazocin is three or every eight hours... Now even stretching the numbers a bit so i can do both drugs on some doses, I end up doing a minimum four doses a day which takes up loads of time! It also means I get a maximum amount of six hours sleep in one go. I usually get a minimum of nine, so I do feel rather like I've been sat on by an elephant! However on the olus side I am feeling so much better compared to the usual drugs i take. So hooray for the port as I could not take the fosfomycin in a long line as it buggers my small veins up. I am still fairly bruised and sore, but hopefully this will all have been worth it and I will actually feel better for a decent length of time. Fingers crossed!

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