Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Port Love!

It may have been a bit traumatic getting my port into me, but my God it is a marvellous thing! I've been having ivs for a week now in an attempt to regain some lung function and get me a good summertime, and it is soooo much easier than faffing with a long line. There was no digging about in my arms trying to find a vein that works and would take a line and I don't have to spend two weeks with one of my elbows basically immobile, as that was the only place that lines would work. It took two minutes to pop in a needle and hook me up!! Brilliant!!! It hurts a little when the needle is inserted but nowhere near as much as having a long line inserted. Also it stops hurting practically immediately- bonus! I am also taking ciprofloxicillin which I could not take through a long line as it makes my smaller veins stop working, so hopefully this will really help with the bugs as they have not been hit by this antibiotic for ages. It is also wonderful being able to bend my arm whilst taking the drugs. I can even play the piano whilst hooked up! Sadly the drugs have not dramatically improved my playing...! All in all I am a total port convert, so if anyone out there is thinking of having one I say- do it!

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Gemma said...

yeay glad the port is going well! It will stop hurting eventually because the skin will go numb from all the needles. You could have emla in the meantime xx