Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well despite me continuing heavy IV regime I have managed to do some work during the last couple of months!  Two more of my lovely friends from Lindy married their gentlemen friends recently and both brought their dresses to me for adjusting and adding some extra je ne sais quoi! The first nuptials were Katherine and Graham's, and as Katherine has the most gorgeous auburn colouring she wanted to add some extra teal aspects to her dress which would match her bridesmaids (which I also made for her)  Her dress was a lovely draped organza ballgown, with a lace up back and ruffle details.  She wanted to add a sash to highlight her teeny tiny waist, and add some sparkles to the flowers on the front. I only took a couple of photos in the workroom but you can see how pretty the sash looked-
I will try and get some pictures of the dress in action and post them soon. As usual my camera does not do just to just how lovely the teal coloured satin looks in real life.

The second wedding was that of Natalie and Geraint, and Natalie wanted a rather dramatic transformation for her dress! I must have chopped about 2 feet off the bottom of her skirt! Changing it from full length and  more, to tea length... This is the dress before-
and hopefully I will get a picture of the after from Natalie as I managed to forget to take the after shot- I was on IV's at the time! You can see in the picture of the front, that there was an asymmetric overlay to the skirt that stayed at tea length for a while and gave a natural length for the new hem line. I used the off cut of her skirt to make her a veil and two shrugs, one with 3/4 sleeves and one with little cap sleeves (and I still have several metres of the chiffon left!). 

 In the end she wore the short sleeved one during the day, and the sleeves when it got a bit chillier in the evening. I was lucky enough to go to both weddings and had a fabulous time at them both, I always love to see people I like wearing things I've had a hand in :-) Apologies for the lack of photos I will try and rectify this soon...

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