Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jolly Holidays

Oh dear, not blogging very much at all recently.  Mainly because I don't really think I've had anything that interesting to blog about! I've done barely any hatting because I've either been too ill to actually manage any work, or I've been doing alterations and small jobs that are not hugely suitable for blogging. I will post a few pictures of some of the bridal work I've been doing (once I'm allowed) as that at least is rather pretty.  I did manage to go on holiday in between IV courses, with the massed Evans clan (parents, bro, Josie and Sophie) and of course Mr EB- which was really lovely. We went to a gorgeous farmhouse near Woodbridge in Suffolk for a week. Having an extremely active two year old around for a week is not hugely restful but it is great fun. I have now been introduced to the many songs that Sophie loves by The Green Balloon Club on Cbeebies. Her particular favorite is The Waggle Dance, which is all about bees and flowers. So, my next Sophie based project is definitely a bee costume for her :-) I think my favorite song had to be Mini Beast Madness, which although about yet more insects is a total tribute to Madness-including cheesy dance moves and sax solo!

Whilst in Suffolk we pottered around many of the lovely towns and villages, and one thing that really struck me was the wonderful colours that many people had painted their houses. I'd heard about the tradition of painting houses in Suffolk a very characteristic pink, in fact quite a large number of houses round here are painted in that colour too.  But my favorites were definitely the ice cream colours that popped up all over the places we went to-


I particularly like this last set of houses, as the blue house was further decorated by an amazing silhouette of I think a Regency scene. I've never seen anything like this on a house before, but I definitely think it should be encouraged, although I'm not sure Mr EB will let me start painting our house front mint green or Suffolk pink!

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