Friday, May 03, 2013

Hat of the Month- Embroidered hat

Goodness two posts in s many days! How unlike me... This is due to my finally finishing the hat I've been working on for ages and some of the embroidery I was doing during the IVs I finished on Friday.  This time I've used my new embroidery capability to add decoration to the hat I had waiting for decoration (see this post for the making of the hat).  I've always doodled curls and scrolls all over the place and it's something I've been making lots of embroiderys of recently, I just never thought to put them on a hat until now. I had tried lots of different decorations for this hat, including feathers, lace and sinamay flowers, but had not found one I was happy with.  But with my marvelous new machine it seemed a perfect opportunity to use all these designs. I first embroidered the scrolls onto black tulle using with dissolvable stabiliser to help support it.  Once they were complete I cut away the excess tulle and washed away the stabiliser to leave the freestanding scrolls.  There are four separate motifs that I sewed and glued onto the hat.  I think the decoration doesn't distract from the elegant lines of the actual hat and it also covers the join in the hat band rather cunningly.  Now I just need a good occasion to wear it to!

How messy is my workroom!

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Hannah said...

Beautiful! I am, as ever, very envious of your amazing talent!