Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dr and Mrs Watson

So before I checked in for a stay at Hotel Papworth, I was busily making a wedding dress for my lovely friend Fran and three bridesmaids outfits and a dress for me too! She married the lovely Dr James Watson in Cornwall on the 5th of August and I am finally putting some pictures up of what was an absolutely lovely day, and you can see just how gorgeous Fran looked if I say so myself!

I really like the group photo of a whole load of people who were involved in the production of The Mikado at the Minack theatre back in Summer 2000, we are all doing silly theatre type poses- seemed like a good idea at the time! Its so great that so many of us are still really good friends.

This photo is also really cool (huge thanks to Anne Carter who took it) as you can see the extra tartan frill on the skirt that I added for the dancing, even more fun it was the same tartan as James's kilt! I really loved the design of this dress as it could change depending on the situation, so the train was pulled up for dinner and tartan ribbon was added to the lacing for the evening etc. I am a great believer in transformable dresses, so much more interesting!

More pictures will be added as I grab them off people so watch this space....


Fran said...

My first reading of your page, and am privileged to be on it. The Mikado picture is great and I too am very proud that we are all still close.

coolbritanja said...

If I ever get married, I'm definitely going to hire you to make my dress! Well done!