Friday, August 25, 2006


Hurray I am free from IV's and doctors and nurses and physios and Papworth Hospital in general! I can sit in front of the telly and not have people checking my blood pressure, blood sugar levels, temperature and oxygen saturations every two minutes and no more nasty drugs and procedures for me! (or at least for the next year -fingers crossed) I can now bend my left arm again as they have removed the line from my left elbow and it is bliss! I'm utterly shattered and a little spaced out still from the sedation I had for the bronchoscopy, but its so nice to be home again.

The bronchoscopy actually was not too awful, they bunged a second line in my right hand and then filled me up with mind bending drugs. I do not remember too much other than giggling like a maniac whilst the ceiling spun, before lying down, and a very odd feeling in my throat as they sprayed anesthetic down it. Don't remember getting back to the ward but when I woke up I had THE sorest throat and an oxygen tube up my nose- no idea how that got there but pure oxygen is really good stuff! So once I'd mostly recovered from the sedation and had a few more IV's the doctors finally decided I could go home. I think I shall probably sleep for the next week or so as being woken up at 6 am every morning for lots of IV's is very, very tiring. Hopefully I'll be out and about next week, and dancing away on wednesday.

Thanks so much for all the lovely cards, chocolates, messages and visits, I feel most loved :-)


manny said...

hi. found your site while randomly reading blogs.
i am in school for nursing and did a presentation on CF last year. i hope you don't mind me occasionally checking in on your blog because i find it interesting to hear the patient's view on it all--the other side--especially this post about finally being free of the poking and prodding of the hospital.

Rosalind Evans said...

Absolutely check away! If you want more info on CF patients try the CF Trusts website.