Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another button hat!

Well it has been such a busy weekend, I am shattered... My brother Rich married his lovely lady Josie and we spent the weekend celebrating their marriage in style, with lots of food, up in Birmingham.  I'll post photos of this later when I have actually managed to organise and edit them. I'm so pleased for both Rich and Josie and had a fantastic day. Sophie was such a good girl throughout and even gurgled at appropriate moments during the ceremony!

Anyway, the hat for this post was actually finished before the weekend but I did not have time (or the money) to organise an outfit to go with it so I wore my lovely silver rose hat and matching ensemble again. I have not decided yet if I am going to keep this hat or sell it, but I am really pleased with the curly wire and bead decoration. I've not used it since the first hat I made last year, but I think I may use it lots more as it is such a fun decoration that moves and sparkles most pleasingly! I also really like the colour combination or pink and black, a bit different from my favorite black and white.

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