Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crashing and burning....

Well I can't say I am surprised, but I am back on the IV's.... Going by my annual review results and my CRP levels (the level on infection markers present in your blood) for the last few months it is pretty clear that I have been harbouring some nasty lurking infection for quite a long time and never quite completely squashed it with past antibiotics.  Last Wednesday was my annual review results and whilst some things were good-liver and bones are in particularly good shape, my lungs are definitely on the decline and Dr Barker suggested we recheck my CRP levels and then consider IV's this week so that I would not miss Rich and Josie's wedding.  My levels were indeed up to 33, which is not that high (below 15 is ok) but it has been at that level for ages and it is not a good idea to let it linger.  Sadly, my lung function today was down to the lowest it's been ever, which is not that surprising as I am feeling really rather rubbish at the mo.  Today my tests showed that I have less than 50% of what I should have (both the FVC and FEV1 tests). That's  sort of like saying I've only got one working lung!  This is really not good!!!

The Doc's seem to think that I should recover back to my usual 65%, but I am not happy at all about this drop-to put it mildly...  So now I have the dubious pleasure of trying to do two IV drugs, Tazocin which I've had before and Imipenum which is a new one for me, but has to be taken four times a day!!! This means every six hours...when am I going to sleep! Combined with the fact that tazocin is three times a day, so every eight hours...well you try making those two fit together without ending up permanently being attached to a drip stand! I'm going to have to cheat a bit and try and stretch the numbers to make it bearable and so that I get more than four hours sleep in one go-wish me luck!

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Gemma said...

every 6 hours?! wow that is tough! def teach your partner to do some for you! xx